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Xscape Safety Car Charger


Xscape Dual USB Car Charger with Safety Hammer and Seatbelt Cutter 

  • Dual USB port, maximizing battery life for up to two devices
  • Input: DC12-24V
  • Output: 5V/3A
  • Each USB port: 5V/2.1A max
  • Compatible with any smart phone, gaming device, tablet, kindle, camera, etc.
  • Hidden safety cutter (to cut through seat belt in case of emergency)
  • Hidden life hammer in the rear end of the charger (able to break through car windows)
  • Can protect and save lives
  • Multifunctional
  • Sharp edges safely contained in the charger
  • Sleek, matte metal design to look perfect in any car


Xscape transforms your ordinary car charger into a life-saving product. The dual USB port works to maximize battery life for up to two devices, usable with any smart phone, gaming device, tablet, or camera. Aside from its practical usability, Xscape contains two safety features designed for your protection, securely concealed in the exterior shell of the product. The charger holds a safety cutter, allowing you to tear through your seat belt in case of an emergency. In addition, the product features a hidden life hammer, giving you the ability to break through car windows. Xscape believes in maximizing your technology, providing you with support and efficiency in any situation.