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Adjustable. Comfortable. Stylish.


RapidX pulls inspiration from our modern world, where there is an ever-increasing emphasis on technology. As a lifestyle-forward brand, we create merchandise to enhance your daily experiences.

Our products are designed from the bottom up by maintaining a consumer-centric model of production. We respond to the needs of our customers and approach innovation with your satisfaction as the ultimate goal. The cutting edge designs melded with the efficiency of conventional products provide the foundation for the company. Our chairs are created to supplement your gaming and working experiences, by combining the comfort of luxurious office chairs with the ergonomic design of performance racecar seating. Our unique lifestyle accessories work to foster efficiency through a stylish lens. The catalogue continues to grow, all the while providing you with high-quality products guaranteed to elevate your routine experiences.

Technology no longer exists to merely fulfill the role of accomplishing a task. Today, there is a demand for a higher standard. We understand this desire and offer nothing short of excellence.