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MoodX Wireless Ambiance Light


  • Portable lamp with ambient lighting in 16 million colors
  • Adjustable brightness
  • Shake three times to turn ON/OFF
  • Attach the lamp to the included tripod, or any tripod with a standard connector
  • Screw on the provided cork to attach MoodX to a bottle of your choice as a stand
  • 4000mAh, four hours to charge
  • A full charge yields 4 to 40 hours of continuous 250 Lumen (25watt) full color lighting, depending on brightness settings
  • Dim icon used to adjust brightness
  • Frosted ice, matte finish
  • Water and dirt repellent coating

MoodX is a portable lamp like no other! This product is equipped with four sensors to set color and brightness. By shaking MoodX three times, you can turn the device on and off. Touch and hold either of the color icons to choose from the 16 million colors available to set the mood you want. Touch and hold both color icons at the same time to activate “lava mode”, continuously cycling through an array of colors. You can connect your Moodx to the mini tripod (included), or to any tripod with a standard connector. In addition, you can use the included cork to mount your MoodX on any bottle as a stand for a personalized touch. The lamp is equipped with a 4000mAh, requiring four hours to charge. A full charge gives you four to 40 hours of continuous 250 Lumen (25 watt) full color lighting, depending on your brightness settings. To adjust these settings, touch and hold the dim icon. MoodX is available with a frosted Ice, matte finish with a special water and dirt repellent coating.

Let MoodX help you set the mood for home, work, or any occasion.