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You've already bought a RapidX chair. Your friends and family obviously love it and you like showing it off. Take it a step further! RapidX chairs love cameras almost as much as the cameras love them. Send us your best photo of your beloved chair in the environment you use it in. Get creative: serious, silly, artsy, funny, etc., send us your pictures and we'll give you a gift in the form of our extremely sexy FindX tracker. We want your images and you need this tracker. It makes life easier in ways that will have you questioning how you ever lived without it. Enter by tagging your image with #RapidXContest on 2 of your social media accounts Facebook, Instagram or Twitter image, and filling out the contest form.

Only one FindX Tracker will be awarded per ONE submitted purchased chair image or multiple images. By submitting a picture, you grant RapidX all rights to use your original photograph in any and all forms of media including but not limited to electronic, digital media, and print. Please, don't send any criminally incriminating images, we will turn you in. Anyone found to use multiple accounts to enter, or submitting erotic images will be ineligible. RapidX reserves the right to disqualify any images deemed to be unacceptable. Must be 18yrs. old to participate.