January 05, 2021

The Best Qi Wireless Charging Power Banks

The Best Qi Wireless Charging Power Banks - RapidX

myport wireless charging phone stand powerbank review

The RapidX MyPort comes with a desktop dock, much like the Scosche QiDock, but this 10,000 mAh (37 Wh) power bank is larger and more expensive, without the benefit of the Kenu BingeBank’s extra-grippy surface. In fact, it had one of the smoothest surfaces of the models we tested, meaning there’s a chance your phone will slide out of position if it’s charging while lying flat (although it stayed in place through repeated phone calls in our test). The MyPort was, however, slightly faster than most of the other Qi power banks we tested in early 2020, powering a drained iPhone 11 to an average of 38 percent after an hour, compared with the low 30s for some others.

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