October 20, 2021

Cancel countertop clutter with this on-the-wall phone and tablet charger [Review]

Cancel countertop clutter with this on-the-wall phone and tablet charger [Review]


RapidX MyCharging Station review
RapidX MyCharging Station can wirelessly charge your iPhone in a vertical tray. And power four other devices at the same time.
Photo: Ed Hardy/Cult of Mac

Mount the RapidX MyCharging Station on a wall socket and it can juice up all your gear without taking up counter space.

I added the accessory to my office and have been using it to keep my phone and tablet going. Here’s what it’s like to use the MyCharging Station in real life.


RapidX MyCharging Station review

Many families have a spot in the kitchen where all the gadgets get charged. And this is usually a messy octopus of wires connected to a power strip.

Get rid of that eyesore with the RapidX MyCharging Station. Plug it into a wall socket and it can wirelessly charge your iPhone, plus there are USB-A and USB-C ports for other devices, and a small shelf to put them on. You can put phones and small tablets here while they charge and they won‘t take up counter space.

Best of all, the whole shebang doesn’t actually block access to the electrical sockets. There’s even a nightlight.

Hardware and design

The RapidX MyCharging Station is 8 inches by 6 inches, not counting the swiveling device tray. You can choose from white or back plastic — whichever fits your decor. The look is very, very functional. Still, it’s better than a pile of cables in your kitchen.

On the right side is a vertical handset holder with wireless charging. Drop an iPhone or Android in here to juice it up.

On the left edge is a 45W USB-C port, two USB-A ports that can out put out 12W, and third USB-A port that offers QuickCharge 3.0 up to 18W.

The MyCharging Station includes pass-through access to the two standard electrical sockets. You can use these to plug in additional chargers or the maybe a food processor or mixer.

On the bottom of the accessory is the adjustable night light. It’s bright enough to be useful.

RapidX MyCharging Station
Beyond wireless power, the MyCharging Station includes a USB-C port and three two USB-A ports.
Photo: Ed Hardy/Cult of Mac

Device tray

A hinge on the top edge holds the device tray. You can put three or more handsets or tablets up here, though I strongly recommend you put the heaviest ones in the very back.

On the bottom of the tray is a place for you to wrap lengthy cables around so they’re out of the way.

A trio of 9-inch cables come bundled with the RapidX MyCharging Station: Lightning, micro-USB and USB-C. The first two plug into the USB-A ports, the third plugs into the USB-C one. Or you can use your own cables.

The device tray includes a spot for a detachable Apple Watch holder. You can insert the wearable’s inductive charger into this too. I’m very unimpressed with this particular component — it’s held on with whisker thin plastic tabs that are too fragile for the job. I broke one of these almost immediately.


With all that weight on it, you need to screw the MyCharging Station into the wall socket. There are three screws for this. The accessory will not stay on the wall if all you do is plug it into a socket.

It’s a good thing I found mounting the accessory on the wall fairly easy. And the hold is solid. I connected an iPhone and two tablets and it didn’t budge. RapidX says it can hold up to 10 pounds.

The RapidX MyCharging Station comes with a collection of useful cables.
RapidX bundles three useful cables with its wall charger. And the mounting screws and covers, too.
Photo: RapidX

RapidX MyCharging Station performance

The vertical wireless charging tray built into the right side of the accessory offers 5W, 7.5W or 10W of power, depending on your handset model. An iPhone charges at 7.5W.

I tested it with an iPhone 13 and the battery level went up 20% in 30 minutes. That’s typical for this type of charger.

Make sure your phone is leaning against the charging coils in back of the handset holder. If you leave it leaning forward it won‘t get power.

RapidX MyCharging Station final thoughts

The clutter of charging multiple devices is hard to avoid. The RapidX MyCharging Station can’t completely eliminate it, but it reduces the mess a lot. And it certainly moves it off your kitchen counter.


The MyCharging Station is $79.99 on the RapidX website. It’s currently available on Amazon for 20% less.

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