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X5 Plus Black on White


  • Multi-device high speed car charger with a 3-port detachable hub and a combination of 5 USB ports altogether
  • The 5 USB ports feature 1 QC 3.0, QualComm® Quick Charge, and 1 USB Type-C Port
  • Output: Total 66W
  • Up to five passengers can charge their phones at once
  • Rubberized finished featuring the colors--mint/white, navy/white, black/white, black/black, and blue/black.

The X5+ is a multi-device high speed car charger featuring a detachable 3-port USB cable and a combination of 5 USB ports altogether. The two USB ports in the front seat include a QC 3.0 (QualComm® Quick Charge) port, for fast charging, and a Type-A USB port. The back USB 3 port hub features a new USB Type-C port, for charging any Type-C device. On the go charging is made simpler for up to five passengers! Since the 3-port hub is detachable, the front seat drivers can charge their phones, alone and tangle-free. However, if more passengers join the ride, you can easily reattach the 3 port USB hub. The X5+ can be purchased in a variety of colors including  mint, navy, white, blue, and black on black.

The quickest and most adaptable car charger for you, your friends and family.